Nov. 12, 2023, Sunday, Ziqinghu Holiday Resort





Ziqinghu Holiday Resort

Wild Animal World (1F)


Hot Spring Area (1F)

Sightseeing Zoo Area or

Enjoying Hot Spring


Jingling Hall B (2F)



Hot Spring Area (1F)

Enjoying Hot Spring

(For those who paticipate in the Hot Spring tourism, please bring your swimsuit.)

Introduction to Ziqinghu Holiday Resort(汤山紫清湖旅游区)

The Ziqinghu Holiday Resort is located in Tangshan, Nanjing, a national level tourist resort. It is a comprehensive tourist resort that integrates hot spring area, catering and accommodation, business meetings, wild animal world sightseeing, leisure and health preservation, etc., covering a total area of over 3000 acres. It is hidden in the green mountains, facing the lake, accompanied by hot springs, it has been rated as a national AAAA level tourist area since 2016.

Hot Spring Area

Tangshan ZiqinghuHot Springs are built by the hilland water. Enjoy the hot springs and you will be surrounded by natural scenery, experiencing a leisurely and comfortable experience. 30 hot spring pools, including waterfall spring pool, mineral salt and sand baths, slate baths, intimate fish therapy pool, and the excitingcrocodile pool are distributed halfway up the hillwith different forms. You will have great experience there!


Wild Animal World

Ziqinghu Wild AnimalWorld is currently one of the unique zoo in East China, covering a total area of over 1000 acres. It has introduced nearly a hundred species of rare wild animals, with a population of several thousand, including 7 giant pandas, sika deer, Asian elephant, zebras, giraffe, alpaca, monkey, emu, and cute pets. Moreover, there will be circus performances in the Sunday afternoon!